We’ve Got A New Look!

Redesigned Logo | Reimagined Packaging | Same High Quality Kratom



Over the past year, we’ve taken a second (and third) look at Get Kratom. While we’ve always been able to deliver the best kratom on the market, we thought it was worth making some small but significant tweaks to serve our customers better.

Ultra Enhanced Indo Get Kratom Extract

One of our first changes sent us on a relentless search for the best bags to embrace the kratom you’ve grown to love. Finding the right package, however, isn’t important just for aesthetic reasons. It’s also an important part of every customer receiving the freshest kratom available on the market.

Our next phase brought us to creating an informative yet imaginative label. One of the first things you’ll notice is the kratom strain more prominently displayed with a corresponding color. The bag size you ordered is easier to identify, and our website displayed at the bottom helps to direct you back home, should you get lost out there!

Finally, our logo has been reimagined without departing significantly from our original design in 2007. Our new logo has been sharpened and reflects the final phase in our redesign.

We believe that with these changes, we can continue to provide our customers with the best experience in the market while remaining the #1 supplier of high quality affordable kratom.

If you have any feedback, please let us know. Above all, thank you for being a loyal supporter of Get Kratom! Visit us today to check out all of the changes.

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